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Dock Truck
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Dock & Courier

MTL provides a full range of equipment options and is a leader in professional same day logistics & courier services, for the greater Twin Cities area. We are locally owned & operated giving you the personal service needed for your Same Day – Right Away delivery needs. Whether it’s small package, palletized, haz-mat or specialized items, MTL has a solution for you.

  • Sameday On-Demand Courier & Dock Truck Services
    • Zip-to-Zip Rates Within a Defined Area of the 8 County Twin Cities Region
    • Online Ordering & Tracking Available
    • 5 Service Levels to Choose From:
      • Sameday (order before noon – delivery before 5:30pm)
      • 4hr, 3hr, 90min (2hr for dock truck services)
      • Direct (source the closest driver to the pick up spot for Direct delivery)
  • Dock Truck 
    • Straight Truck W/Liftgate, Curtainside, Conestoga
  • Van/Car
    • Sprinter & Delivery Vans

For all mileage rates, if the point of origin is outside our 7 county zip to zip service area, we will charge an additional $2.00 a mile from Brooklyn Park to the city of origin.


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