Drop Trailer 

Drop Trailer Services

MTL operates a fleet with over 500 trailers that are ready to save you time, money and headaches. Using a drop trailer program will help your company run a smoother, more efficient supply chain operation. You can load or unload a trailer at your convenience: no more paying overtime to load or unload when a truck arrives early or late. With the new “Hours of Service” rules issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) being strictly monitored by the (ELD) mandate, a drop trailer program will help you optimize your load planning and increase efficiency.

  • Achieve higher on time delivery percentages. On time freight departures substantially increase on time deliveries avoiding costly driver or truck detention fees and penelties.
  • Ideal for time-consuming loads, such as floor loaded freight, giving you more flexibility in your schedule and saving money on labor.
  • Drop & Hook – increased on time performance and longer miles achieved (ELD Mandate)
  • Free up dock space


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